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Forensic CCTV Recovery

FTS have been procuring and delivering digital evidence to our clients since 2000 . Over the years of trading we have developed the tools and expertise to recover video footage from a multitude of CCTV systems, whereby the following issues occur:

  • Damaged DVR Unit
  • Corrupt hard drive
  • Password/Pin protected drives
  • Deleted footage
  • & more
  • There are many different types of DVR units currently available on the market ranging from low-tech/low-budget to high end systems. We have the hardware and software to probe, identify, extract and recover via forensic processes a range of video formats for CCTV systems.

    Initially the storage device is identified and imaged. The bit-by-bit copy of the storage media is also hashed (MD5 & SHA-1) to ensure forensic validity . Only the image is used for the purposes of the CCTV recovery service.

    At the end of the service you are provided with a report detailing the hardware, software, forensic processes and result. If required a statement can also be provided from the dealing engineer.

    Most CCTV Camera systems store the footage in a format that is not viewable by normal video players. (Media player, VLC, Quicktime). Built within our quote is the conversion of the video files to a file that can be played on most systems. If required, we can also provide the original (non-playable) files for disclosure purposes.

    As with all our services FTS are able to offer a competitive rate and a fast turnaround if required.

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