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Cell Site Analysis

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FTS Cell Site Analysis

Cell Site Analysis is the geographical locating of a mobile phone, or data device, using Call Data Records sourced from a Mobile Network Operator. The records include cell site location data, which is recorded against individual phone calls, text messages and during GPRS (data) sessions.

The data can be used to determine the possibility, or otherwise, of a mobile phone having been in the vicinity of a location of interest (a scene of crime, for example) – perhaps including travel to / from the location – or to assist in confirming or disproving an alibi for an individual, to whom the mobile is being attributed.

FTS provide experts with extensive telecoms industry background, who conduct cell site surveys, produce quality call schedule and cell site / call mapping exhibits, detailed reports and impartial expert opinion. These services are for evidential purposes and all FTS experts have significant experience presenting Cell Site evidence in court for both prosecution and defence.

  • Advice on specific data to be requested from Mobile Network Operators
  • Analysis of Call Data Records
  • Production of Call Sequence Tables
  • Production of Call Schedules and Call Mapping exhibits
  • Field measurements / surveys (including production of ‘best server’ coverage maps)
  • Expert witness services
  • FTS Cell Site Engineers

    All FTS cell site engineers are Chartered Engineers, Sweet and Maxwell approved and security vetted. Each has over 20 years relevant Telecommunications experience and have been providing expert cell site evidence for over 7 years. During this time they have each been responsible for more than 200 cases and have provided evidence in court on at least 100 occasions.

    Richard Baxter
    Dominic Kirsten
    John Tarpey

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