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FTS Cell Site Analysis - Commendations

Below are some of the cell site recommendations and customer feedback we have received from recent cell site work. Proof and further examples are available upon request.

Case A (February 2015):

"He pleaded guilt when i produced your cell site statement. The case is concluded and he is serving time at Her Majesties expense."

Case B (August 2014):

"Just to let you know, all defendants in Operation X were found guilt and 5 of the 6 were setenced last week. Thank you for coming to court and giving evidence. (defendants sentenced to between 4 and 8 years)."

Case C (June 2014):

"Thanks for your help with this. We produced your evidence to the defence and as a result he removed his basis of plea. As a result he was sentenced as a significant person. His sentence started at 13.5yrs reduced for early plea to 9yrs."

Case D (March 2014):

"Guilty pleas to three offences for both so no trial. Thanks so much for your work on the case it assisted the pleas." (Prosecution counsel)

Case E (June 2012):

"I write to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for all the work undertaken by FTS in relation to our Police Operation. Judicial proceedings have finally reached their conclusion some considerable time after investigations were complete.
Notwithstanding this was the third time the trial had commenced (for various reasons) the complexities of the case were enormous. In this regard I must give particular acknowledgement to your cell site expert. Not only was the quality of his report exceptional, I believe he endured several days in the witness box recalling detail from work undertaken 3 years previously."

Case F (May 2012):

"Just to let you know, today the suspect pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment. Thank you for all your help. The cell site evidence that you gave during the trial was integral to this case, and went towards presenting such a strong prosecution case.

Your work early on also identified that we didn’t have all the data for the unregistered phone ending 672, and subsequently ensured we had all the data including the GPRS data."

Case G (April 2012):

"All pleaded and received two and half years each on a plea which was good as they had very little previous. Add it to your CV as the phone evidence was the final nail in the coffin."

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