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FTS Cell Site Analysis - 6 Common Questions

Forensic Telecommunications Services (FTS) were one of the first company's in the UK to provide Mobile Phone Forensics and Cell Site Analysis to law enforcement and legal services. FTS remains at the forefront of telecoms forensic investigation providing these core services to both prosecution and defence in major enquiries and critical incidents every day.

It is very easy for other service providers to claim they offer a similar forensic solution to FTS. The following are genuine questions posed by investigators, lawyers and court officials in the past. They highlight the difference between FTS and other suppliers. Their purpose is to ensure that all work undertaken will be completed with the security, integrity and robust admissibility in court, that a client should expect from any appointed cell site analysis provider. Proving that it makes good economic sense to choose a quality product based on the principles of best evidence the first time around.

  • Are your cell site analysis experts security cleared?
  • “All cell site engineers working for FTS are Security Checked by a UK Police Force before being allowed to work on their own cases.”

  • Do your experts have a telecoms industry background?
  • “All cell site engineers working for FTS have an extensive telecoms industry background. They are dedicated solely to cell site analysis and do not undertake any other telecoms work. They are not formerly from any other unrelated forensic discipline such as computer forensics etc.”

  • Do your experts have relevant experience and qualifications?
  • “All cell site engineers working for FTS have relevant qualifications and experience in this specific field of Wireless Telecoms (which can be requested before engagement).”

  • Do your experts do their own surveys?
  • “All cell site surveys undertaken by FTS are conducted and interpreted by FTS’ qualified cell site engineers. They do not rely on other, sometimes un-disclosed; unqualified or less-qualified individuals to undertake this work. Such practices can cause difficulties in court. FTS always conform to the requirements of Part 33, Criminal Procedure Rules.”

  • Do your experts deliver a quality-controlled product?
  • “All FTS cell site work is peer reviewed. FTS maintains full time employed cell site engineers working nationwide. All reports are produced following guidelines and process control procedures administered and audited by FTS’ ISO9001:2008 quality management system.”

  • Do you provide any investigative expertise?
  • “FTS offer full access to its team of Specialist Telecoms Advisors (STAs), former Police Investigators who can refer to a multi-skilled team of specialists and work with you and your Telecoms Liaison to help, advise and support you at any stage of an investigation.”

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