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Who are our specialist telecoms advisors?

Our specialist telecoms advisors will provide you with further information about our services and quotes and prices for the variety of services available at FTS. They are available 24/7 and contactable by phone and e-mail .

Ray Chappell - UK & International Law Enforcement Liaison/ Contracts Account Manager/ FTS- Security Controller / FTS- Training Administrator

Ray is a former highly experienced Police Investigator with a total of 32 years service within Regional / National Crime Squads; States of Guernsey Police & Police Service of Northern Ireland. Highly experienced in the field of Serious Organised Crime; UK Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 Pts I & II Compliance Manager and a Home Office accredited Police Telecoms SPoC Manager.

(Tel: 07876 591 823)

Ray Jones - Specialist Telecoms Advisor

Ray is a former highly experienced Police Investigator with 30 years service for Merseyside Police, 28 of those as a Detective involved in the investigation of Murder and Serious Organised Crime. A member of the Merseyside Police Covert Unit for 5 years involved in the planning and implementation of level 1 operations. 9 years with the Port of Liverpool Police investigating Freight and Maritime Crime. Trained in UK Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 Pts I & II Compliance

(Tel: 07876 136 642)

  • Access to 2 regional Specialist Telecoms Advisors
  • Both of whom are experienced former Police investigators.
  • 24/7 service- 365 days a year
  • Available at any stage of your investigation.
  • Advice about correct handling procedures of exhibits
  • e-Forensic exhibit integrity guidelines.
  • Advice regarding Home Location Register and dealing with Network Service Providers.
  • Attendance to a force area to support major incidents.
  • One to one liaison with you, your SPoC or SIO, throughout your investigation if required.
  • No obligation pricing and quotations for any FTS services or products.

  • Contact our STA's.

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