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FTS Computer Forensic Analysis

Computer Forensics involves the collection, preservation, data extraction, analysis and presentation of digital evidence recovered from a computer system, or other storage media, such as floppy disks, CD’s, DVD’s, thumb drives, storage cards, and external hard drives.

Computer data is by nature very fragile and can easily be altered, damaged or even destroyed by improper handling or examination. Therefore it is imperative that throughout the investigation process, the data is treated with great care and that there are procedures in place to ensure that this is the case.

The data may be in the form of a document, picture, e-mail or even internet activity. It may also have been deleted, hidden, fragmented or copied from another source. This data can simply be recovered or we can provide a detailed explanation as to what has happened to data, or even how data arrived on a computer.

The service we provide will be to the best evidential standards, ranging from simple on-site Forensic Data Recovery to the full Forensic Analysis of Computer Data. FTS offers flexibility, at all times taking into consideration any changes or requirements of your investigation as it progresses.

We continue to work out of a secure & unpublished premise with airlock entry and exit. Our exhibits are secured in a double safe doored bank rated storage area. Our premises are monitored 24/7 and our red alert alarm system has direct access to the police.

FTS Announcement.

FTS have recently expanded into live data acquisitions for delicate jobs which require investigation of live computer objects, such as computers, servers and more. Using sophisticated technology we're able to capture not only stored information on the hard drive, but also the live memory.

Once a live image has been acquired of the live memory, the image will be taken back to our laboratory for the investigative work, whereby we'll present the acquired data with a formal report.

FTS Offers a range of computer forensic investigations

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