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Working to make a difference for our stakeholders...

Through its daily business activities FTS has the opportunity to assist and work with organisations and charities to help improve the community and affect the lives of others for the better. Locally and abroad the company has a specific responsibility to the environment and is proactive in the steps taken to minimise the effect of its environmental footprint.

Our stated code of ethics drives the direction and detail of FTS' corporate responsibility plans.

Information about our environmental policy and plans are published on this site.

FTS has also identified both local and national charities that work directly to benefit our people and their families as well as a specific area of the community often forgotten about in the aftermath of crime in the UK.

Code of Ethics

Forensic Telecommunications Services Ltd. (FTS) is committed to ethical conduct and to the principles derived from our stated values and quality policy. As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting and delivering a sustainable and responsible business we have developed a code of ethics in support of those values and policies.

This code is intended not just as a declaration of intent to our stakeholders but as a guide to our people as to how we will govern the delivery of the mission strategy that is defined as Best Practice.

1. We respect human rights in all dealings with FTS stakeholders, including our people, clients, suppliers, shareholders, and local communities.

2. We therefore also respect freedom of association.

3. We reject unlawful discrimination of any kind, we promote diversity.

4. We develop flexible working conditions to promote a healthy life / work balance for our people.

5. We ensure a comfortable working environment for our people, free from prejudice and harassment.

6. We promote the training and personal development of our people.

7. We respect health and safety regulations in our working environment and in all dealings with stakeholders.

8. We actively support and promote the values and requirements of the Forensic Science Regulator and the standards, principles and codes of conduct laid out by the regulator in respect of our; and our people’s, responsibilities to the regulator and the Criminal Justice System.

9. We require our people to maintain strict confidentiality with regard to all information to which they have access, in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and our ISO Standards.

10. We recognise that local customs, traditions and practices may differ and as an international business, we respect local laws and customs while supporting international laws and regulations.

11. We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of collusion, bribery or corruption.

12. We are sensitive to the environmental impact of our business and promote environmentally friendly policies.

This code of ethics is fully endorsed and supported by the FTS Board of Directors:

Managing Director

FTS Environmental Policy

Forensic Telecommunications Services Ltd. is fully aware of the impact it’s business can have on the environment. As a business we have conducted internal environmental audits in line with the guidelines and procedures suggested by the UK Environment Agency. Our ISO 9001 QMS requires that we re-audit our Environmental Policy on an annual basis to measure improvements and assure continued compliance with any legislative changes.

We are aware of and comply with all current legislative requirements associated with the nature of our business. FTS Ltd. has a relatively small environmental footprint. However we view our position as a responsible business, to be an opportunity to be proactive in Environmental matters wherever possible.

We believe, therefore, that we have a commitment to:

1. Maintain the highest environmental standards while providing our services, ensuring full compliance with existing legislation.

2. Maintain a high standard of environmental awareness and compliance throughout the company.

3. Ensure that all employees are aware of our environmental policy and of their need to comply with the detail of our environmental policy where it directly affects them.

4. Regularly evaluate consumed materials & resources to minimise waste and maintain our recycling and waste reduction policies where practicable.

5. Ensure to our fullest ability full separation of recyclable materials in accordance with current legislation and use registered recycling companies for the collection and onward re-cycling of recyclable materials.

6. Re-cycle all electronic items through WEEE & ISO14001 registered & compliant companies – this being particularly relevant to the nature of our business.

7. Evaluate options to improve the efficiency of our activities so as to reduce the use of energy – non-renewable sources in particular.

8. Evaluate our suppliers in terms of their commitment to an environmental policy. Attempting where practicable to encourage environmentally responsible business.

9. Provide a business service that will enable our customers to fulfil their Duty of Care and legal obligations under environmental legislation.

10. Listen to and act upon, the requirements of customers to give the best practicable environmental options.

11. Review and revise this policy in accordance with the schedule in our ISO 9001 QMS to ensure that our environmental objectives continue to be achieved.

This environmental policy is fully endorsed and supported by the FTS Board of Directors:

Managing Director


Supporting relevant National charities.

FTS through its daily business activities has the opportunity to assist and work with organisations and charities to help improve the community and affect the lives of others for the better.

Child Victims of Crime is the ONLY National Police Children's Charity and was founded by the British Police Rugby Section. Its purpose is to support children whose lives have been affected by crime.


"To relieve poverty, sickness, trauma and the distress arising there from among children resident in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man who have suffered the same as a result of any criminal offence committed by any person or through any means whatsoever."

"To promote children's health and welfare, encourage their social inclusion and community involvement and to seek to develop their personal safety."

Having started our relationship with CVOC in 2007 through sponsorship of various Police sporting activities the charity remains the principle beneficiary of FTS’s fund raising and charitable contributions.