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Reliable Data Purging Services

Data Erasure/Purging is becoming an increasingly important service to our clients due to the sophistication and amount of breaches/attacks in the 21'st century. Utilising our service is to guarantee that highly classified documents, trade secrets, emails and more can be destroyed past the point of any form of recovery. This is to ensure both compliance and peace of mind for our clientèle.

FTS now offer a data purging / sanitising service of any sensitive data or media. FTS are able to purge and sanitise your media including HDD, memory cards and memory sticks of any stored data.

FTS offer a certified minimum 3 pass data wipe to ensure all of your sensitive data is rendered unrecoverable.

Once the secure purge is completed FTS can return or recycle your wiped media and present you with your completion certificate. As with all our services FTS are able to offer a competitive rate per media wipe and a fast turnaround if required.

FTS will be working closely with ADISA to ensure our processes are standardised and audited as per the industry’s expectations on secure data sanitation. The ADISA standard has the primary objective of measuring a service provider’s capability for providing secure data sanitisation services to businesses and agencies.

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