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13/01/2015: Our cellsite expert John Tarpey is to receive a commendation & award.

John Tarpey is to receive a commendation for his efforts in Operation Sorrento, the missing from home investigation which quickly turned into one of the most thorough murder investigations seen in Durham Constabulary and wider.

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Further testimonials from our clients

  • –Sarah Waters - ThirtyParkPlace
    "Can I thank you profusely for the work you have done in this case at such short notice. It has been invaluable. The pros expert pretty much agreed with all points put so I don’t need to call you now!!"
  • –Newton - UK Police Force
    "Thank you for all your help - we got an amazing amount of bad character evidence from the phones . Without that evidence , the jury would have had a much harder time considering the verdict . It was central and key to the case ."
  • –Danny - UK Police Force
    "Thanks very much for all your work on this job. In the end, all the phone evidence was accepted unchallenged by the defence barristers. That was not down to luck, it was the professional products and evidence obtained prior to trial."
  • –Evonne Birch-Jackson - Ross Solicitors Ltd
    "Thank you for your extremely quick service, this is why we will always use FTS !"
  • –Detective Chief Inspector of Cleveland Police
    "During this enquiry a number of different partners have contributed to securing a conviction, in particular Richard Baxter and Ray Chappell, I would like to thank FTS and yourselves for your part in an excellent team performance."
  • –HMRC
    "Many thanks for all your assistance including the presentation of your evidence at court - the maps and records of which were praised by the Judge."
  • –Flying Squad
    "Many thanks for all your hard work it this case, it was greatly appreciated considering it was all at short notice. The cell evidence you prepared for (defendants) X and Y massively assisted us in proving our case."

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