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FTS Turnaround Times

01732 459 811

FTS Turnaround Times

FTS offer turnaround times to suit your case requirements and to suit your costings.

FTS are able to provide turnarounds ranging from immediate- same day commencement to 20 days and most periods in between.

Contact FTS to determine how our analysis times could fit in with your investigation. You can either call us at any time on 01732 459 811, or alternatively, make use of the contact form on the contact page.

We are contactable 24 hours a day

Submitting a device or request a free quote

Police and Law Enforcement Agencies:

Please contact one of our Specialist Telecoms Advisors (STA's) Ray Chappell or Ray Jones for a formal quotation.

To learn more about our Specialist Telecoms Advisors (STA's) please click here.

To speed up the submission process it is advantageous to have a valid PO number as this may be required.

Using Form MG21 or own MGFS forms?

FTS accepts UK Police submissions using the standard MG21 or MGFS forms. However please obtain a formal quotation for price, service level and turn-around time before proceeding.

Please ensure reference is made to the FTS quotation number in any subsequent exhibit submission.

Legal & Corporate Services Customers:

Please contact a Specialist Telecoms Advisor for a formal quotation or call our laboratory for guidance prior to submitting your exhibit.

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