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FTS Mobile Phone Analysis

Mobile Phone Forensics is the forensic examination, analysis and reporting of data stored on mobile phone handsets, memory cards and SIM cards this includes basic models as well as Android, Windows, iPhones and Blackberrys for the presence of data.

What FTS can do for your investigation

Using forensically sound and approved processes FTS can extract, analyse and report this data into an easy to read and standardised report all of which are validated to ensure they present the data exactly as it was stored on the device.

Coupled with our MG11 statements this data is ready and robust enough for evidential court use.

FTS also offer a preview or ‘Intel Only’ examination and report of any mobile device for a lower cost in order to allow a more focussed evidential review of any stored data. Should an evidential report be required FTS are able to subsequently evidence the focused data you will have determined from the preview for a quoted fee.

FTS can also advise on how best to direct your evidential requirements and how best to present your analysis data.

As with all our services FTS are able to offer a competitive rate for analysis and reporting and a fast turnaround if required.

With over 10000 mobile devices examined you can rest assured that FTS are likely to have encountered and analysed most models of device and most issues which may come to light in their examination.

FTS are able to bypass password locks on the majority of devices - contact us to determine if FTS could help with your locked device.

FTS are able to retrieve deleted data from a great deal of devices too - contact us to determine if FTS could help with your deleted data needs.

FTS have many years of delivering and countering mobile forensic data as expert witnesses at court for both the prosecution and the defence.

We continue to work out of a secure & unpublished premise with airlock entry and exit. Our exhibits are secured in a double safe doored bank rated storage area. Our premises are monitored 24/7 and our red alert alarm system has direct access to the police.

Defence Analysis

FTS are able to act on your behalf to review any mobile phone reports produced by other parties to determine if we are able to suggest weaknesses in the reported data or processes. Contact FTS to determine if we may be able to help with your case(s) or instructions.

FTS are able to offer a second analysis report to add weight, if applicable, to any previous party’s forensic report.

FTS are also able to offer litigation support with regard to telecommunications data and evidence.

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